Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Insignificant Significance

Thank GOD That It’s All Over With For A While…

Well, the college football season drew to a belated conclusion last evening with the University of Florida’s pounding of a smug Ohio State University team somewhere in the arid lands called Arizona.

Does anyone but me think that Arizona senator John McCain looks like he just had dental surgery and has a mouth full of cotton balls every time he’s seen on TV (or perhaps he looks like Felix the Cat that just swallowed a Canary.)

Even if he calls himself a Republican, and even if the Viet Cong drove bamboo spikes under his fingernails and into his urethera, I still hate him for his so-called campaign finance reform legislation that may end up causing me to have to quit blogging else risk the wrath of the campaign funding nazis; and for his grandstanding on President Bush’s Supreme Court judiciary appointments last year.

I’d almost consider voting for Hillary before I’d vote for McCain if that’s all the GOP can muster as a presidential candidate in 2008.

Any way, that son-of-a-bitch had to get his stupid mug on my TV screen last night by his participation in the tossing the coin for the kickoff decision, and just in case you didn’t know it we (the taxpayers) had to pay the entire congress for another day off of their leisurely schedule so that members of the Ohio and Florida delegation could spend time kissing asses spend the evening attending the game.

At least this year the vaulted BCS ranking system produced a consensus #1 team for a change. My team lead the pack of whimpy “also-ran’s” and crumpled under their own weight in December, making their January 1st bowl appearance a mere footnote in the anus annals of college football history.

I’ve got to go now, because if I get any grumpier I’m going to embarrass myself with profanity laced ranting about things that really don’t matter to anyone but me.

Just call me a cranky old bastard, I guess…

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