Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is It The Thought That Really Matters…

Or Are You Actually Going To Second Guess My Intentions?

OK folks, suppose that tomorrow I run out and buy my dream boat, a 46’ Hatteras Open Cockpit Motor yacht.

Twin 500 HP Cummings Diesel engines, big generator, air conditioning, Radar, GPS, depth sounder, autopilot, and two or three thousand gallons of fuel tankage.

The next thing you know, I’m sailing to the Bahamia’s and on to Mexico on an almost non-stop basis, and my coolers and dock side freezers will be overflowing with Snapper, Mackerel, and Bonita, along with generous portions of caviar harvested from various species of fish that we encountered along the way of our journeys.

Then suppose that once I return home, I get the urge to do some charitable work, so I decide to run over to downtown Brunswick a couple of days each week and offer a free buffet of Sushi to the large population of ”underprivileged” and “disadvantaged” street people bums and hobos urban outdoorsmen that are commonly found riding around on bicycles and walking around on their poorly shod & shorn feet each and every day.

So Good so Far…Right?

What would you think if some stupid assed liberal-shit-for-brains federal judge distinguished jurist forbade me from offering my “free sushi buffet”, under the legal grounds that each and every homeless person didn’t actually like raw fish and raw fish eggs; and therefore it wasn’t fair for some people to enjoy my largess while others were forced to eat free soup and fried chicken at the other numerous canteens and homeless shelters distributed throughout the city of Brunswick and the county of Glynn?

I’d say that the judiciary should spend their time deliberating something for someone that actually gives a damn and deserves their intervention, but apparently in France the pitiful surendermonkeys Senior French Judges are more concerned about who can eat free food than they are worrying about who might be starving to death.

PARIS - A top French judge ruled that an extreme-right group cannot serve pork soup to the needy, saying the charitable handouts aim to discriminate against Muslims and Jews who don't eat pork because of their faith.

Judge Christian Vigouroux of the Council of State, the country's highest administrative body, said late Friday that such giveaways by the far-right group Solidarity of the French threaten public order.

His ruling approved a decision by Paris police to refuse permits to the group on the grounds that such handouts could spark angry reactions.

France is home to more than 5 million Muslims and some 600,000 Jews. Both Islam and Judaism prohibit eating pork, and Vigouroux said the group had shown "a clearly discriminatory goal" with its charity.

I swear to God, people, but this whole political correctness thing is completely out of hand, and if it keeps going down the path we’re on we’re all going to wake up one day with our own wild eyed Muslim living in our basement or garage, for free, under government mandate.

Think about this concept with me for a minute.

If I own a pig farm, do I have to sell my pigs to buy Fillet Mignon, Goose Liver Pate, and/or Fois Gras; because there might be some militant Muslim towel head or a radical Jew in the crowd that couldn’t eat from the charity that I’m willing to deliver without offending their religion?

Well then, I have a simple solution.

I say that if you don’t like what I’m serving, in MY establishment, on MY street, in MY country, for FREE, then get the &%$@# OUT.

Go back home or back to where ever you came from.


Right Now…

Don’t you dare come down to my door asking for free food, then bring your sheister hack legal council ACLU representative Barrister with you purporting to have some grievance against my charitable efforts.

What the hell are they thinking over there in France any way?

Sorry, but I’ve got to go now, before my brain explodes…

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