Thursday, January 11, 2007

Playing The Fiddle While Rome Burns

When Will We All Learn?

Excuse me, but I’ve just recovered from lapsing into a Coma during the replay on FOX News of President Bush’s speech tonight about Iraq.

I’m actually really sorry, but I’m afraid that I believe that the new policy is failed from the outset because…

In the end, when it is all said and done, that the Democrats will end up emasculating the effort and (sorry mom and sister and other sensitive female relatives and readers) I Personally believe that we should BOMB THE ASS OFF OF EVERYONE LIVING IN THE SANDS OF THE MIDDLE EAST THAT SO MUCH AS RAISE A MIDDLE FINGER TOWARD OUR FORCES…but then again I’m just one lonely white middle aged white man living the life of luxury on St. Simons Island, earned by the blood of generations of military forces deployed overseas since 1776.

Then there is this totally stupid, totally useless, #$%& Donald Trump--Rosie O'Donald BS argument that the TV media is insistent on holding up under our nose for us all to smell.


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