Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Crap That Pisses Me Off

Simple Things That Annoy Me...

Ever get tired having to get up off the toilet and walk across the room with your underwear around your ankles to get to the toilet paper roller mounted on the wall 5' away from you?

What about having to reach BEHIND you to reach it?

I know it's (the toilet paper) is ultimately going to end up performing it's purpose behind you, but please...

How about having to sit leaning sideways or rotated 45 degrees because some rocket scientist mounted the toilet paper roller 9" away on the wall, right beside the toilet which is also located crammed up against a wall with a 3 foot gap between it and the sink or tub?

Is it just me?

And another thing...changing the subject entirely...

Anyone but me hate being required to scroll down to the "U" in the alphabetical listing of "countries" when filling out a form to order something from an AMERICAN COMPANY on the Internet? Why should I have to watch Armenia, Afghanistan, Germany, and Tunisia scroll past looking for United States when making my E-Bay or Amazon purchase.

Finally, have you caught the latest BS up at the NY Times...publishing Obama's OP Ed while telling John McCain to "try again" when he submitted his own opinion piece.

Just like in 2004 with John sKerry, just watch as the media does their best to drag Obama across the finish line in the November election. They's be good for at least 5 points in the election, and then you'll be sorry when they tax your ass off and destroy our health care system with a liberal dose of socialism.

As for me...I'm looking at Costa Rica and Belize for an very extended vacation.

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