Friday, July 25, 2008

MIssing Money

Windfall Ahead...

I just love listening to Consumer Advise Nerd Clark Howard who is home based on Atlanta's WSB NewsTalk AM 750 Radio station.

Clark and I go back about 18 years, and I've even called in to his show and been on the air a couple of times back in the mid and late 1990's.

I was poking around on the Internet today, looking for a way to find out about some stocks which I bought back before the house fire destroyed all of my financial records, and Clark's Website was a huge assistance in beginning my search.

One might wonder..."why would someone wait over seven years to start worrying about the whereabouts and value of stock in a portfolio?"


(That's five cents a share for those of you which fall into the mathematically impaired portion of the population.)

The thing is, the stock (I forget the name) was in companies drilling for OIL in the far East (Malaysia) and south America, and I bought it at a time when people were using crude oil as cleaning solution and gas prices were falling from $1.25 down to $0.89 per gallon.

Any wayyyy, I haven't had any luck finding out the disposition of my stock, but Mr. Howard's website did point me toward a FREE SITE called that provides a search engine for most of the states.

I was surprised to find a refund from Florida Power with my name on it left over from my Jimmy Buffet period in Mexico Beach, FL, and I vaguely remember a Property Insurance Refund check that was bouncing around a few years ago and never got cashed in Georgia.

In the end, it was nearly three hundred dollars worth in total.

Imagine that?

Why don't you guys stop by and try to find some loose change to pay for YOUR dinner tonight

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