Monday, August 18, 2008


work, Work, WORK...

Heap Big Pow Wow (Que the tribal drums.)

Injuneers everywhere.

I'm not finished behind paralyzed with the client's ongoing yet normal indecision.

Management kissing posteriors.

Not a pretty sight.

Meeting at 9:30 AM

Painting on make up donning a drop cloth.

Hope I don't get anything on me...

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ed drew said...

""(if you didn't watch the "forum" last night you'll miss half of the question...)""

I didn't miss 'half' the question.

""Management kissing posteriors.""
Let me tell you a brief story. While working as Project manager(paper company) $250 million
project. The engineering company came in to make their presentation on getting the project done on time. They started out with their timeline(which was 6 months too long because they 'couldn't meet our desired timeline) I immediately stopped them and asked if that was the only plan they had or did they have one that met our timeline. If not, the meeting was over. They then pulled out the real timeline, which did meet our requirements. The project was completed ahead of schedule.
I know lot's of stories like that.