Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Hysterical Historical Perspective

I'm Back out of the Fiery Steel Furnace...

Some years ago I read a editorial news story which suggested after WWII GM and the other auto manufacturers paid and lobbied local and national politicians to have the Cities and regions decommission their street cars so more people would have to buy their own cars, and the passenger railroads also saw their own demise begin (in spite of /addition to their own stupidity) at the hands of autos and airlines.

After the streetcars were gone and the auto traffic jams began, then of course the motor companies had the foresight to come back and offer to sell those same cities/politicians fleets of gas and diesel powered buses to drive each day over the same asphalt covered rails which once served to guide the daily journeys of vehicles powered by what???


Today it kills me the hysteria over gas prices, and all of the 1970's Carter era rhetoric about Ethanol and "alternative energy" and hybrid electric cars.

Where do these tree hugging booger eating panty waisted Owl Gore/Ralph Nader following morons think that electricity comes from...Mars?

The Internet?


All I know today is that I'm back in the Coal fired energy business again after my self imposed hiatus and what amazes me is that we can't find qualified people to take a half dozen six figure jobs in our firm.

There's more grey and bald heads than kids in the building, although age really doesn't matter.

At least three of the recent hires including me came back out of various stages of "retirement" from other places to come to the heart of the Tennessee By God Valley Authority (another post depression era Government funded boondoggle come fairly successful private enterprise) and we feel fortunate to find Knoxville to be a great place to live so far.

So much for the "unemployment crisis" and "age discrimination" while we're at it.

Here's an Idea...

Think about this while you're glancing at the front pages of your local dead tree print edition of the Newspaper this morning and as an exercise try constructing your own Newspaper headline.


Imagine how the Buggy Whip and Horse Saddle makers whined in the 1920's and 30's when Henry Ford was in the process of putting a Model T or Model A in every barn and stable in preparation for "transferring our wealth" to the Middle East?

Here's my News Headline Ideas...

Horses Lament Lack of Work!!!

Whip Manufacturers Cracking

Owners Saddled With Rising Debt

And what about the people that were in the "livery stable business"?

Can I run for Congress with that plank in my platform?

See...It's all just a matter of historical perspective, in my Considered Redneck Opinion

Today "forty acres and a mule" would go about as far as a "chicken residing in every pot..."

(come to think of it, over most of the last 60 years everyone has had their chickens--government supplied or otherwise--but today the government doesn't seem to be happy until chicken cost $10 per pound because all of the chicken feed has been converted into gasoline.)

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