Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This just In...

New Cialis Salad Dressing A Success

As I was sitting here doing some work and enjoying FOX News in the background on the computer, a thought came to me regarding a new use for all of the chemicals they're trying to sell me to improve my middle aged performance in areas outside the office, in private, and generally after dark.

You think that anyone would be interested in my new Salad dressing/fertilizer based on the male impotency drug Cialis?

So far it works pretty darn well.

Here, take a look at a photo of the results of some of our early experiments that took less than one day to produce:

(Yes, I made this whole story up all by my wittle self, but I didn't grow the cucumber and I suspect that there's little use for anything that size in real life. The same is true most of the time for other chemically treated things that size found hanging around or pointing at the ceiling for longer than four hours...)

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HEATHER said...

Good One!!