Wednesday, December 15, 2010

31 Cards And $13.64 Postage Later

Holiday Greetings Accomplished

Dang it...

I lost my Excell Spreadsheet I did a couple of years ago and updated last year that had all of the addresses for all of my Christmas Card list.

I also tracked what kind of card I sent to each recipient so that I didn't sent the same card out two years in a row to the same person.

Thus I was forced to close my eyes when I used up the last cards in the old boxes and there may be some people out there which received a redundant "Merry Christmas" or "Season's Greeting" again.

Sorry.  How pedestrian of me.

I know many people don't worry about that kind of thing, but for some reason I do and it bothers me to think I was so shallow so as to not offer an genuinely unique sentiment each time the month of December comes up on the calendar.

And of course this year I was too lazy to design and print my own cards or even put a picture of the Turbo Pup out in the process, but then again I'm quite busy professionally and my spare time has to be reserved to doing things like sleeping and writing blogs pissing off minority groups.

So sue me...

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