Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Weather At The Turbopup Compound

19 Degrees And Still Falling...(Snow and Temperature)

We got a pretty good little snow storm here starting about noon Sunday. 

In a way it was nice because we had bought a Christmas tree Saturday and were in the process of decorating it as the snow fell.  Being from the south I've only had a few seasons with a true "White Christmas" so it's sort of neat to see snow on the ground during the holidays

The real part of the storm started falling around dark and looking outside it's still coming down lightly and the wind is blowing things around.

I'd guess maybe 4" total so far but it's hard to tell because the first part melted because everything was warm from the mid 50's temperatures yesterday.  That bit of warmth will hopefully save us from a major power outage and keep the insanity on the roads and turnpikes to a minimum.  I hate it when the weather is bad and people have to set out on the highways and airlines to travel for the holidays and someone ends up hurt or dead in the process.

I haven't ventured outside since the storm started but maybe I'll get on the parka and ski bibs and wander around after sunrise and take some pictures and put them up here on the blog.

I wish I was back somewhere sitting in the Sun in Florida or on our Little Island down on the Georgia Coast right now, but in the mean time...

Y'all stay inside and put an extra log on the fire and let things melt a little before you head out if you can.

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