Monday, December 13, 2010

Dionne Warwick's Birthday

Memories From A Long Time Ago...

My blog Friend and Idol Paul Mirengoff over at Powerlineblog reminds me this morning that singer Dionne Warwick celebrated her 70th birthday yesterday.

Stop by over there and take a look at Paul's writing...being the avid music aficionado that he is.  He and his fellow bloggers also produce some pretty good political commentary which has gained national recognition.

But any way, what brought the event of celebrating Miss Warwick's birthday home to me personally was some early memories of me riding to 1st grade school with my beloved Father in his 1963 vintage Red Volkswagen convertible listening to WOZK's AM radio broadcast from Ozark, Alabama every morning...driving across the US Army's "Aviation Center" at Ft. Rucker Alabama...with songs like Henry Mancini's "Baby Elephant Walk"  following along with songs like Dionne's "Walk On By"

The editor of that video added clips of Vietnam War scenes which seem somehow appropriate based on my own experiences growing up outside a military base during that era.

Those were the days...GOOD or BAD they happened and they're part of our national history.

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