Thursday, December 16, 2010

In The Words Of Commedian Steve Martin...

"WELL EXCUuuuuuusssSSSSSS....MeeeeeEEEEEE!!!"

So...Ladies and seems that now our Military...that would be the military of the United By-God States of 'Merica...has gone out recently and managed somehow to "offend" the stupid towel heads   dune goons sand niggers people that used to refer to themselves as "Perisans" before the British and French screwed everything up after WWI and renamed Persia  new places we know on the map or your globe as parts of Iran and Iraq and Turkey and some of  the "Stans" (Afghanistan and Pakistan and Ubekestan and "whatever i-stan.") we get started remember I'm a blogging terrorist from a place in the southern US called Alabamastan originally, and having lived in Georgiastan and Floridastan and now Tennesseeastan...don't start hating me because of my use of the politically incorrect terms for people of "Arab" descent because I'm the kind of Redneck that will draw a cartoon of Mohammad with my feces using a pork bone as a paintbrush on a piece of toilet paper just to piss you off when you start bitching at me.

O Tay?  And since comments are still turned off you just have to fester in your own pants you pissed in when you read the first paragraph of this rant and look for powder to prevent diaper rash.

Any way, here's the link to the story about the US innocently starting to call the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf and that little Capuchin Monkey Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullah idiots running Iran--the same idiots threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the planet and  supporting worldwide terrorism --getting...

O F F E N D E D.

WaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA...I'm So Sad......

What's in a name? Apparently a lot, when the name in question is synonymous with the ancient culture and heritage of a fiercely proud people.

The U.S. military found this out the hard way after the Navy shifted its official policy and began referring to the Persian Gulf as the "Arabian Gulf." The name change provoked outrage from the easily provoked government of Iran -- which was known as Persia from around the sixth century BC until 1935. The move also drew fire from Iranian advocacy groups. Many outraged partisans of the old name took to the Navy's Facebook page to slam the American government.

[Iran says key site has higher uranium ore reserves]

The usage of "Arabian" rather than "Persian" fuels existing U.S.-Iran tensions, Jamal Abdi, policy director an Iranian-American advocacy group, told Fox News. "This is an ethnically divisive term. ... It's very troubling."

The Navy says it has used the term for many years and no one complained until officials recently posted the Navy's official style guide online. In a statement posted to its Facebook page, the Navy said that it continues to respect the "long and proud history of the Persian people" and reassures Iranian readers that Navy officials haven't done "anything out of malice or disrespect for your proud heritage that has existed long before we were even a navy." The Navy's flacks went on to explain:

"The use of the term 'Arabian Gulf' vice Persian Gulf is used by naval forces including our regional partners there for years. We use this term in press releases, news stories, and photos coming from the Navy in the region. The often cited Navy Style Guide that says to use the term 'Arabian Gulf' vice Persian Gulf is really only applicable to them since commands in their area would be the only naval forces publishing stories in the region. In most other respects (nautical charts and publications, for example) the historic name of Persian Gulf is used. We value and respect the partners with whom we serve around the globe, and mean no harm or insult to any people or country."

So I say that we can call any body of water on the map or globe or Google Earth a toilet bowl or a fish bowl or whatever the hell we want to call it while at the same time not caring what people that insist on their women and much of their male population live in conditions we had here in America in the 17th and 18th century think about us in the process.

And you can shove your objection to my language here in this posting into the deepest depths of your neither regions if you don't like it.

And no, I'm not angry or stupid, I'm just an insensitive bastard that's tired of every idiot on the planet running around with their feeling spread out on the ground waiting for Americans in General and me specifically to make a wrong step or utter a word or sentence which they find offensive.

And in closing...look at this video and feel free to not stop back by here if you don't laugh...


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