Thursday, May 05, 2011

15 Years Ago Today...

Inheriting Responsibility I Don't Deserve...

Sorry Ladies & Gentlemen ...I've been really busy this week and distracted and I almost forgot...

But as my title says, I just realized that fifteen years ago today I became the oldest living "Virgil" in my family, with the passing of my beloved Father on the morning of Sunday, May 5th, 1996.

I find it tough being a real man when my instincts are to continue to act like a boy, but that day sort of placed a weight on my shoulders my recently departed Uncle John once told me...explained why in his words:

 "I never really felt like I was a Man until the day my Father died."

Those words coming from a man that served a tour of duty in Europe as a B-29 tail gunner.


The best I've done is crap around in the air for a while in  a little Cessna airplane, wreck a few cars, break a few hearts, waste a whole lot of money, lose a 32' boat, sink a 10' dingy, and do a whole lot of other silly/negative/illegal stuff which is beyond the scope of this posting this morning.

In spite of personally being the number III in the generational line, I feel that I've managed to somehow operate at a lower level in spite of my inherited genetic talents and abilities when it comes to any comparison with the two other men named Virgil in my family which proceeded me in light of their great personal character, professional achievement,  and overall accomplishments.

I'm really trying to pick up the tempo these days and improve the quality of my performance here on life's stage--as Shakespeare said--in the little time I have left...if for no other reason than dedicating my efforts in memory of Virgil Sr. and Virgil Jr who proceeded me.

Regardless...and with all of the above said...We Miss You Dad...(and Granddad)


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