Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My Mind Is Blank

The News Acts Like A Giant Mental Eraser...

I swear to the Good Lord above I was almost as happy about the Navy Seals finally finding Osama not because HE WAS DEAD...

but really because I thought that it would force the Media to take a breath and stop talking about...

"The Royal Wedding."

But then I forgot that moving the aforementioned "Nuptial Event" off of the front burner on the Newspapers and TV News would require some new hysterical obsessing over something, and so now it's basically the death of one stupid asshole murdering Islamo-Fascist which has caused my eyes to roll back in my head 24/7 because of the wall to wall breathless coverage and inane political debate.

Please...can't they just give it a break a little while and act like there is some remote possibility that everyone doesn't deserve or even wants to hear every single freaking tiny detail leak out on a second by Second by SECOND BASIS?


Fortunately I had to leave the TV off most of the day in the shop because I had my programmer over installing and testing software and I was jumping through hoops trying to get five expensive fluid level sensors programmed and come 5:00 PM I had only had to look at about 15 minutes of TV all day.

Then I cooked dinner and yelled letters and words at the TV while watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and was starting to calm down and feel normal...

...then I turned on FOX News and lapsed back into an immobile catatonic state again.

Then I fell asleep and when I woke up Pat had changed channels over to Food Network and "Cupcake Wars" was coming on and I ran screaming from the room to my computer and turned on NetFlix and started watching old "Munsters" season 1 reruns.

Maybe now that my senses have returned I can get some more work done.

Y'all have a good evening and keep up with the Osama coverage if you can stand it...I'll expect a 300 word report on my desk by 10 AM tomorrow summarizing the latest news coverage.

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