Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Islamo-Fascist's Dead Osama Bin Laden's Dead

Breaking News...

I was sitting here trying to get started up in my shop, all the while wincing my way along enduring Hernando Revolver's Geraldo Rivera's blithering on FOX News.

They were talking up the sudden calling of a news conference by the President late on Sunday night.

Then they rambled through a series of information flashes which ultimately said that Bin Laden was shot and killed last week and that the DNA verification testing was just made available tonight.

So now we have to listen to President Obama crow about his administration doing something that President Bush couldn't or wouldn't do...killing Osama?

And does that mean by default that Obama killed Osama?

Regardless of who actually did the deed or where it was done, all in all it's a good thing I think.

(I tossed in the "Hernando Revolver" reference for all of you Cheech and Chong fans out there...)

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Ed Drew said...

I thought that is his name. He's a complete, well, uh... idiot I guess.

At least that's his name from now on.

glad you got your garden restored..