Sunday, May 01, 2011

Back To The Grind

Injuneering Ensues...

Well, after a crazy week and weekend featuring a schedule turned upside down by Wednesday night's severe weather and the resulting damage, I'm hoping to get back on schedule beginning later tonight.

I managed to crawl up on the roof to inspect the damage and get all of the shredded tree limbs and leaves cleaned out of the gutters.

Pat wandered around the back yard with a rake generating a giant pile of more leaves and crap shredded by the two hail storms.

We also replaced a couple of tomato plants that were beat and broken to the ground, and since I'm hard headed I planted EVEN MORE tomatoes along with some onions and cucumber plants.

That gets things in the gardening department of the Turbo Pup Compound back up to about the 60% level of completion...with some more stuff going in later this month after we get back in town for the upcoming field start up trip for the waste water storage control system.

Speaking of said control system, the panel is basically tested electrically but it's still dumb as a brick without the software which is being delivered this week

Now I have to go down to the shop and start programming and testing the ultrasonic level sensors before I get to the field.

I'm too busy to even rip off a good rant about the insanity in the news or something this evening, so I'll talk to Y'all later I guess...

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