Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Public Appearences Yield Fun Maladies

Creeping Crud Won't Come Or Go Completely...

One thing I know I'm going to miss about living and working at home most of the time in the recent past was the lack of contact I managed to have with the "General Public."

Sure, I went out to the stores and to bars and restaurants a number of times a week and we traveled a little--usually compressed into a few weeks at a time several times each year--but now my new current lifestyle and work situation requires I get up every day and go to an office, and spending at least eight hours of my time outside my primary residence five days a week has apparently already taken it's toll to a degree.

When I came back from Houston last Thursday night I felt fine after sitting in a classroom and on an airplane with several people that were noticeably hacking and coughing a bit. 

Saturday and Sunday I dutifully continued my month long push through the process of moving and getting things into and out of boxes, and then finally Monday morning I had to admit I had something going on in my chest and if I didn't slow down and rest a little I was going to end up at the doctor's office...something I haven't had the time to find one of yet here in Tulsa.

I finally ran home from the office mid morning yesterday after another false start after going in to my desk to check e-mail and gather up my computer and some job files, and then I proceeded to come home and sleep most of the day under the influence of Robitussin, get up in time to go to dinner, and then I slept from 8 PM to 5 AM last night...

...another NINE HOURS.

Since I usually can't sleep more than four to six hours in a row since I turned the age of about 40, I actually wish I could distill whatever is in being sick into a formula I could take which would allow me to sleep just a precious 8 hours each and every night.

Fortunately my work load is rather low right now since I'm still in training mode, and everyone but me is out of the office this week in meetings and sales calls, so I'm not on the critical path for ANYTHING and I can lounge around here in my pajamas consuming a few medical leave days and get back up to full speed before things get moving again.

All of that said, it's time to collect my thoughts, take another dose of sleeping syrup Robitussin and lay back down for a while.

If you don't hear from me within 24 hours...someone please call 911...

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HEATHER said...

At the risk of sounding like a nag, find a doctor and go see them. After reading your blog for the past few years, I've noticed that your health goes from OK to hospitalized pretty quickly, so wouldn't it be better to see a dr. and nip this thing in the bud?