Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Off To A Bumpy Start With Our ISP

Please Tell Me Cox Communications Isn't Just Like Comcast...

So most of my long time blog readers will probably remember I had a love/hate relationship with Comcast Cable over the past ten years or so beginning in Atlanta, then later on St. Simons Island and finally ending this month in Knoxville when we turned off the signal and headed west.

When we arrived here with our stuff almost the very first thing I did was crawl around in the floor while the movers were unpacking the truck connecting up a Television and the cable modem to make sure we had a good working signal.

We did.

But then we slowly noticed that the Internet speed here more or less totally SUCKS, and what is really weird is that I let the Cox Communications sales guy talk me into getting the "super duper warp speed" Internet because it was free until the end of the year and if I wanted to I could step back to standard cable January 1st if I wanted.

Right now if it gets any slower and I stepped back I'd be going to two Dixie cups and a length of string I guess.

Any way, we drove downtown on Sunday to turn over the keys to my temporary condo housing and when we left about 2:30 PM we had Internet and Cable, and we came back about 4 PM guess what?

No Cable...


Out friend Ski said that she noticed a Cox Communications truck outside on the street, and after doing a little calling we discovered that-after over a week of service--THAT THE IDIOTS HAD COME BY AND DISCONNECTED OUR SERVICE BECAUSE THEY HAD AN OPEN WORK ORDER TELLING THEM TO TURN IT OFF FROM THE PREVIOUS TENANT.

On Sunday afternoon.

And then guess what?

Since it was LATE on Sunday afternoon, they couldn't get back around to turn our service back ON...

the service which had been working just for 8 days...


Fortunately they were here a little after 8 AM so I was the only one suffering withdrawal symptoms from the lack of information.

Any way, that's my excuse for the silence here on the blog...that and being busy as heck unpacking and now fighting off a little bit of a cold or other form of creeping crud.

Time to get some reading and other stuff done...Regards Y'all...

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Ed Drew said...

Soooooo!!!!!!, you now know it's NOT ComCast.. it's.... tah..dah... All Cable companies.....
Seriously tho, I hope it only goes up from here.. Is there any other way? Hope you're enjoying Tulsa..