Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The White Man's Come-Uppance

...And The Red Man's Revenge

Sitting here watching TV and wincing at the mindless, emotional debate currently swirling over and around the Senate circus called "immigration reform legislation," I just can't help but be reminded of the few tidbits of information I learned thirty odd years ago in history class about the similar negotiations between the US Government and the Indians Native Americans in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Back then (in the 1700's and 1800's) popular (and politically incorrect) thought allowed self assured polite White citizens and their corrupt elected officials alike to deal with the owners of the lands soon to be referred to as "North America" as "Savages" and "Red Devils" and "heathens"--popular caricatures continuing to be promoted until well into the the mid-20th century in afternoon theater matinees.

General Custer and our Congress put various degrees of thought and bloodshed to the idea that the latest treaty and legislation represented the end of the negotiations, until the pressures brought on by the ongoing flow of "immigrants" flooding through Ellis Island needed a few extra thousand hectares to farm and play an occasional game of baseball on.

Today, ignoring history after we've all been forced by popular liberal opinion or dumbed down by a couple hundred years of government schooling, I watch in awe as we are asked to make a 180 degree swing in our legislative mindset, guiltily welcoming lawbreaking "guest workers" into our ill-gotten homeland, consciences assuaged with promises that if we will just accept the latest 12 million or 20 million (or gazillion or whatever) landscapers and parents and hand wringing honest potential citizens, that everyone else poised outside our boarders, ready to swim or walk or crawl into the good old US of A will stay home and we can all get on with worrying about the outcome of the NHL and NBA finals.

And faint mumblings about President Reagan's 1986 amnesty program and the State Department and Congress' subsequent refusal to enforce those eerily familiar rules are met with shallow pledges that "this time we really, Really, REALLY MEAN IT...", tendered for the appeasement of the unwashed, ignorant, often non-voting yet highly vocal masses.

You're a complete and total dumbass if you buy into this "immigration reform" bullshit, but then again that's just one man's opinion, and who am I to tell you how to waste your life and ruin your childrens' future? After all, I think that this battle is already over--and has been since about thirty or forty years ago when we were all still fumbling around worring about Russia and the KKK.

As for me, I'm quite content to be ever greying, ever balding at my present ripe old age of 47 years rather than 27 or 17 years of age--having not reproduced--because I believe that if you are younger than me that I can pretty well guaran-damn-tee you that you are going to regret the results of the partisan bullshit that's going on in the marble buildings in Washington DC right now.

Sorry, you can just call me a mean old white bigot, I guess...but also be assured that the Indians Native Americans on "Reservations" everywhere are laughing their collective asses off at YOU and Me right now.

Some of them might even be considering getting out of the Casino business, running out and buying a few lawnmowers so they can start a few lawn maintenance companies.

As I see it, someone has to get busy mowing some grass around here, and once the Amigos all retire at age 35 on government disibility or welfare, our black brothers African American citizens and all of us pansy assed, limp wristed White boys sure won't be up to the task, in my considered Redneck opinion.

Now put that into your pipe and smoke it, if you will, because I've got CAD drawings to go do right now...


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