Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A George Wallace Democrat Talks Modern Politics

Get A Nice Glass of Cold Sweet Southern Iced Tea And Sit Down For A Minute...

For those of you which haven't been paying attention or are just wandering by this blog, you need to know that I was born and raised a "George Wallace" Democrat as a child, and the experience has affected me and today I think grounded me in a form of political sanity continuing throughout all of my Adult life.

You see, you had no option back then in Lower Alabama when I was a non-voting child.

Just like it was Black and White, it was Republican or Democrat, and as the old saying goes you could run a Yellow Dog on the political ticket and most people would vote for the Dog over a college educated white or black boy any and every day back then if it had the word Democrat by its name.

It was the North against the South--a war that had already be lost or won depending on your perspective.

It was the University of Alabama versus Auburn University in Football...Bear Bryant and "Shug" Jordan leading the charge.

But things have changed and my mind has wandered over the past 52 years and 4 days, and in my wandering I'm constantly WONDERING what the hell has happened to this country in the process?

Are we really just a country full of stupid selfish people that will vote and do anything offered as long as it puts money in our pockets and allows us to sit around making bad decisions while letting other people pay for the results?

Are we really all that excited about "HOPE and CHANGE" when now after almost three years there's barely any change left in the cash register drawer?

I HOPE that there might be CHANGE for a twenty dollar bill, but the way things are going with this government if you give them a TWENTY they'll ask for another FIVE as a fee for making CHANGE.

Is it just ME?

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