Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Thoughts On 9/11

Freedom Ain't Free Dammit....

I've been pretty much sitting around here this week distracted with personal and other professional crap for the most part but in the back of my mind I  knew that the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on NY City and the Pentagon and Pennsylvania was coming up.

Fox NEWS and the local and national newspapers have all been hyping things up but to me it pisses me off that this date on the calendar has to be HYPED UP in the first place.

After all...what isn't there to understand about a bunch of towel headed Muslim Jihadist assholes coming over here from third world countries where they don't have toilets or hot and cold running water or electricity and cable TV and blowing us all up because we have toilets and hot and cold running water and electricity and cable TV ?

Seriously, if you follow the news stories about these shitheads which did the 9/11 airliner strike thing these limp penised little Arab boys spent the time they weren't in the flight training program sitting in HOOTERS and in local TITTY BARS while at the same time praising ALLAH and looking for their 72 Virgins. They hated America and Americans but they enjoyed the very things that they could not find in their own countries.

It's the ultimate parody of their religious faith that as far as I can tell that each and every one of them came here to the United By-God States of 'Merica years in advance of their attack on us and our way of life and lived as Americans and took advantage of all of the conveniences and privileges available in our country and our way of life here in North America.

And then they proceeded to attack us.

But what is more insidious today is the attack we are suffering from within our country.  From within our own GOVERNMENT.

The idiot Mayor of NY City isn't even going to let there be Clergy or any prayers offered at tomorrow's "Official" ceremony.

The idiot Mayor of NY City and stupid Governor of NY isn't even making any special accommodations for "first responders"--fire fighters and police men---at tomorrow's "Official" ceremony.

I say it's a sad state of affairs when we don't need the towel headed jihadists to attack and change our way of life here in America.

They've already won this war because we're attacking ourselves from within... 

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