Thursday, September 08, 2011

The President Talks About Jobs Tonight

My Belly Button Has Been Puckering and Un-Puckering For Days Now...

I somehow missed the Republican Debate last night.  I scanned around the channels but Comcast was still acting up and I was too lazy to look in the newspaper to find out what channel it was on.

I guess that there is a pretty good chance I can't miss the President's address to both houses of congress tonight because it will be broadcast on every channel except the Food Network and Comedy Central.

Then again I could manage to fall asleep since I guess it will pre-empt Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy which run at 7 PM and 7:30 PM.

I bet you $100 that the speech will include the words "investment" (government spending), "revenue" (new taxes on the wealthy), and "infrastructure improvements" (government and/or Union jobs) at least about a dozen times each.

The whole thing (The American Jobs Act) will be dead on arrival to Congress because the House will never pass it because they've already seen it a couple of times and rejected it out of hand every single time.

Obama is so far in over his head as President that he can't find his own ass with both hands, a metal detector, a Geiger counter,  and a flashlight.

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Ed Drew said...

The reason you couldn't find the debate was it was on MSNBC,, a channel that is most likely not used on 'your' tv set, same as mine.
Strange that you mentioned that the prez won't be on the Comedy Channel since that is the only one that it should be on, it being a complete joke.